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Blood Pressure Checks

FREE in-store blood pressure checks can be made at any time. Just pop in and see ourfriendly team and a pharmacist will be there to check and discuss your blood pressure results if need be.

Zinc Test

Low immunity, slow wound healing, stretch marks, white spots on nails, acne, hair loss, dry skin, poor night vision….. Any of these sound familiar? You may need to get your Zinc levels tested.

Zinc is a key nutrient involved in many bodily processes including building the immune system and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Come in for a FREE zinc test in-store. All you need to do is sip a drink, tell us what it tastes like and we can help from there!

Blister Packing

Trouble remembering to take your medications? We provide easy to use blister packs which will eliminate all stress involved in trying to remember to take your medications.

Packed weekly, monthly or even just when going on holiday, just explain what you would like to one of the pharmacists and we will look after you from there. ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL.

Southern Cross Easy Claim

Bring in your southern cross membership card for quick and easy claiming of your prescription medications. We’ll load your card number in our system and send your claim to be charged on your behalf, which will be paid directly from Southern Cross. Easy!

Urinary Tract Infection

This is a type of infection where bacteria are present in the bladder, causing discomfort. Presenting symptoms include pain, burning sensation and frequency when passing urine.

We have trained pharmacists on site which are able to offer effective antibiotic treatment if appropriate for women presenting with symptoms indicative of a urinary tract infection. No appointment needed!

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

This medical condition can be due to a variety of causes and we have trained pharmacist’s on site who are able to supply sildenafil, a tablet which aids men’s erectile dysfunction.

Come in and see us for an initial consultation (one off-consultation fee applies) and then we will be able to supply you for up to a period of one year without a prescription.

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

If you’ve had a bit of a slip up, don’t worry we are here to help! An accredited pharmacist is available on site at all times for a quick consultation in our private room. This walk in service makes sure you get the correct treatment as quick as possible as timing is really important in this instance.

Weight Management

We have a variety of weight management products available to get you up and running. A nutritionist/pharmacist is available on site most days of the week if you would like a quick consult or have any nutritional questions or need advice – just ask for Robin.

Ear Piercing

Piercing of all ages is available on every day of the week. No appointments needed. Can pierce lobes and cartilage. Come on in and see the range of earrings available, prices vary according to earrings chosen. NO PIERCING FEE applies, just pay for the earrings and cleaning solution.

Passport Photos

Our instant-print passport machine makes this a quick and easy service. We can also produce an electronic version using this software for anyone 12yrs+.

Application and renewal forms are also available at our pharmacy so ask any member of the staff if you need a form.

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